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Caring and confident consultants

At Mpya Digital we have a unique learning and sharing culture which will make you more confident in your profession. This, in return, will enable you to deliver software development on the absolute highest level.

We are a Stockholm-based tech consultancy, founded in January 2018 and are now a team of 77 people - and growing!

Autonomous teams

We want to make sure that you always feel seen and heard, thrive at your assignment and get the best possible support in your personal development. We don’t believe this will be achieved by having a boss, manager, mentor or similar. Instead, you will belong to an autonomous team, called crew. These crews with between 6-10 people will increase your perspectives and keep the feeling of a smaller, safe team when the organization is growing.

As a consultant a common assumption is that you miss out the feeling of belonging to the consultancy. With crews we create a clear link between you and Mpya Digital which will always give you the support you need to become a confident consultant and proud Mpyan.

What's in it for YOU?

Unique salary model

Industry-leading salary model where every employee sets their own salary.

Drive changes within the company

Be part of shaping our organization and future.

Dare to believe in yourself

The value lies in daring to do things rather than doing the right things.

Distributed leadership

Everyone is a decision-maker and everyone can be a leader. 


Two conference trips per year, tech talks, group training, educations and much more.

The Mpyre

Our home-like office is a place for events, birthday parties, after works and workshops.

How we live, learn and work at Mpya Digital

We believe in YOU! You will find yourself in the middle of all the tools, education, courses, mentorship and challenges you need to become a wiser, better, more confident and more skilled version of yourself. What’s even better is that you will have colleagues that genuinely care and will support you when YOU lead your way.

Meet us

Do you recognize yourself in the following text?

  • Caring – You care about others and are engaged in what you do
  • Techy – You like problem solving and the tech industry is your industry
  • Better together – You believe it is important with togetherness and inclusion
  • Based in Stockholm - We believe in working and hanging out together irl
  • Fluent in English
  • Degree-educated – Preferably from University

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